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Whether decayed or broken - a simple Amalgam or composite-filling is often not enough for a severely damaged tooth. In this case, it is necessary to provide the affected tooth with a long term full or partial Ceramic crown. Ceramic crowns are particularly popular, as they meet even the highest aesthetic demands. We will be happy to inform you about the advantages of ceramic as a crown material at our dental practice in Zurich and explain when and how we use them on patients.

Frequently asked questions about ceramic crowns in Zurich

Who are ceramic crowns suitable for?

Ceramic crowns are a good choice when a damaged tooth structure cannot be adequately treated with a simple filling or inlay. Typical examples of this are extensive tooth damage as a result of an accident, big Caries or Root canal treatment. As ceramic Crowns are hardly distinguishable from natural Tooth, they are ideal for patients with high aesthetic demands. Ceramic crowns are also suitable for allergy patients. 

What are the advantages of all-ceramic restorations?

Compared to other materials, all-ceramic restorations have the advantage of looking very natural. The special color of the ceramic is so similar to the color of natural Tooth that it is almost indistinguishable from them - unlike metal-containing Crowns, for example. This means that the restoration can be used in both the anterior and posterior regions. Another advantage is that a ceramic crown can be inserted very gently, as it does not require any supporting elements. This means that it is not necessary to grind away an excessive amount of tooth material.

In addition, all-ceramic crowns are particularly well tolerated. Their physical features are similar to those of the natural tooth. The strength of the material, which is comparable to that of the hard tooth substance, ensures a high level of robustness and longterm durability. They are also compatible with all kinds of other materials and are suitable for allergy patients.

Can you eat and drink normally with ceramic crowns?

Yes, there are no restrictions on eating and drinking with ceramic crowns. The sensation of cold and heat is also not affected by the insulating material.

How long does a ceramic crown last?

If the ceramic crowns are perfectly fitted, they will last for an average of 15-25 years, assuming good Oral hygiene and aftercare. However, prolonged incorrect loading or heavy grinding can shorten the life of a ceramic crowns.

Does the use of ceramic crowns involve risks?

The use of dental crowns, regardless of the material used, is considered very safe and involves few risks. However, in rare cases, grinding down the natural tooth structure can damage the dental nerve. Even if the Crowns do not fit exactly, there is a risk of (renewed) caries formation or inflammation of the dental nerve. This makes it all the more important to measure the tooth to be crowned accurately and to ensure maximum precision when manufacturing the Crowns. As a competent and experienced dentist in Zurich, we therefore only work with local Swiss dental technicians who meet our high quality standards.

Your advantages of ceramic crowns in our practice

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  • Over 20 years of experience in dentistry
  • Precise treatment planning using modern techniques, such as 3D X-rays
  • Use of the highest quality materials
  • Individual consultation and adaptation to individual patient requirements
  • Treatment for anxious patients also possible with nitrous oxide or general anesthesia

When are ceramic crowns used?

Ceramic crowns are generally used when Teeth have been broken off in an accident or are so badly damaged by Caries that they cannot be adequately and longterm restored with a filling alone. However, they can also be used as a preventive measure to protect an already weak tooth from further damage. Their color, which is very similar to the natural tooth color, makes ceramic crowns an ideal coating for severely discolored teeth. In addition, ceramic crowns can also serve as the basis for a Bridge. The prerequisite for the use of ceramic crowns is that the Jawbone is intact and the Gums are healthy.

How does treatment with ceramic crowns work?

Before treatment, a thorough examination of the affected tooth is carried out. If necessary, we remove decayed areas. Tooth to be crowned is then given a special polish so that the Crowns can adhere better to it later.

A crown must fit the tooth exactly. That's why we first take an impression (intraoral 3D  scanning) of the prepared tooth. This serves as a template for the Crowns, which are not only precisely matched to your Tooth in terms of their shape, but also their structure and color and are made to fit exactly.

Until the final ceramic crown is completed, we provide the affected tooth with a temporary crown to protect it from external influences (e.g. cold or heat). Once the final Ceramic Crown has been completed, we safely place it on the remaining and slightly roughened tooth substance, which remains in place thanks to a special strong adhesive (Adhesive technique).

What needs to be considered after the dental crowns have been fitted?

To ensure that you can enjoy your dental crown for a long time and to prevent inflammation, thorough Oral hygiene is essential. This not only includes regular tooth brushing, but also the use of Interdental brushes or Dental floss to clean the spaces between the teeth. When taking caring of your teeth, pay particular attention to the transition between the crown and the Gums, as bacteria can easily settle here and lead to Caries. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about aftercare at our dental practice in Zurich.


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